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Jorgensen Wedding Albums from Andy Sutcliffe Photography


At Andy Sutcliffe Photography we strongly believe that wedding photography is all about telling the story of your big day, and what better way to do that than in an album?

In order for us to tell that story properly, and to capture all the emotion and amazing moments of the day, we need an album to present your photographs. Your wedding album is so important to us that we don’t compromise on quality or service. That’s why Andy Sutcliffe Photography exclusively use Jorgensen Albums, the quality is one of the finest you will find anywhere, and we have been working closely with them for over six years.

We demand that your wedding album be a premium product, and the albums Jorgensen create are traditional in their craftsmanship being of the highest quality and using only the finest materials available. Made entirely by hand with precision and care – if this were a hand bag it would be the same as buying a Louis Vuitton, Fendi or Gucci.

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Pro Bound Album: Our Jorgensen Pro Bound albums have rounded spines to create a traditional feel to them, and each page is permanently bound to the album. This ensures that no matter how you store your album or where you open it all the pages will remain secure and lay flat.

The Pro Bound albums are also enhanced with a padded cover giving a classic luxurious feel of quality to this traditionally bound wedding album.

To protect your gorgeous wedding album, all the pages have a protective cloth edge in either black or white, these are complimented with metal corners available in four different finishes to add the final touch to the beautifully book bound pages. The corners as available in Black, White, Silver and Gold.

Styla Album:The Styla Album combines elements of the Pro Bound Album and adds a contemporary feel. This album sets the standard in high end presentation. Features include; Superior Pages, Square Book Bound Spine and Unpadded Covers

E Albums (Digital Magazine):If you are looking for a way to create a ‘magazine’ look then our E Album is for you. Features include; Flush magazine pages, Black or White base pages, Square Book Bound Spine and Unpadded Covers.

Mini Albums: Another great feature that we offer is the ability to have a Mini version of your main wedding album for Parents and other family and friends.

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