The Role of the wedding Photographer

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I understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and as such, I as your photographer can only capture my interpretation of your day and inevitably some elements will get missed, the only way that every aspect of your wedding day can be captured is to interpret that through the medium of film, but even then this will be shot by an individual that has his or her own take on what is unfolding at the time. No two photographers or film makers will shoot the same thing, every one has an individual and personal view of what is unfolding in front of them.
From the early 1800s photographers as esteemed as William Henry Fox Talbot, Francis Frith and Roger Fenton through to late 20th Century Photographers such as Irving Penn, Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Frank and Eugene Smith and even today, Richard Bickel, John Lowenstine and Lyle Owerko all will tell their own personal stories trough their Images, these artists, did not have the luxury of having dozens of guests at their shoots photographing their own individual images of the story that is told throughout the day, therefore the wedding is an individual case where a true pictorial record is captured by individuals who are closely linked and have a personal connection to the event through you the couple. Not even celebrated War photographers such as Tim Page and Don Mc Cullin and the Great American Depression photographer Dorothea Lange, could ever experience a fuller story than that told on the wedding day.
The essence of great photography, is about story telling through each individual frame shot, descriptive emotive images that explain a narrative between subject and its environment. The photographer is the whitens to the event and is so sadly the case these days with digital photography that quantity doesn’t nessaseraly tell a fuller story.
It is this difference in attitude that ultimately distinguishes the professional. It forces them to stand outside themselves, to think like an editor, to ask themselves what they have framed in the viewfinder is really a “useful” picture, if it helps tell a story, establish a mood, catch the high point in the event. In short, the effort to think like a professional teaches them to squeeze the maximum out of what is happening all arround. this is what wedding photography is, making photographic stories out of events and their impact on people in and viewing the images.
It is always my intention to give a personal and individual view point to all my clients through my own distinctive stamp on my images, telling the story as a writer pens his scenario.
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On June 22, 2012
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