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“Photography is our passion, so to say we love what we do may sound like a cliché, but for us its an understatement.”


In 1980 my love for photography started in real earnest when I signed on to a photography & graphic design course at the local college. Over the next four years I learnt how to fully understand design, form and composition, what mattered and what made interesting and creative images. It took several years to truly understand that my camera was the eye with which I would express my creativity in real life situations.

My wife Gill had no inclination that wedding photography would play such a huge roll in her life. Having no background in photography or design I was the only influence and my passion for photo documentary & journalistic photography. The spark was ignited when on the first wedding, Gill, who was there to assist, picked up a camera and found she had a natural talent for taking beautiful, feminine images and an understanding of what the bride is feeling on her wedding day.

When I started photographing weddings I had no idea that this is where my passion really lay. Together, Gill and I started with a friends wedding, a small wedding party of only 12 people, this was the only encouragement we needed and since that first wedding in 2004 our passion has grown and grown.

Wedding Photographers in Halifax, Leeds and Yorkshire: Andy and Gill SutcliffeUnderstanding our client’s needs and what makes them tick is what makes our photographs so special. Getting to know people, their likes and dislikes, understanding how they want their wedding to be recorded is the key to our success.

One of the most important things is the Pre-Wedding shoot, as this is time to get to know each other, this pre-wedding meeting is crucial for building trust and understanding between Bride, groom and Photographer. Discussing the whole wedding day.

Andy Sutcliffe: Wedding Photography in Yorkshire, Halifax, Leeds and Bradford

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